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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Inexpensive Hobbies and Entertainment in THIS Economy

In the present economy, finding recreation and entertainment that doesn’t break the budget mandates that you become more resourceful. I have thought of things that many people love to do which are inexpensive and fun. Here they are:

Walking and Hiking - These are excellent hobbies because they are physically great for you and don’t cost you money. Just make sure you don’t walk or hike outside in the intense summer heat, and not in Texas where I live. Outside areas are nice in the early morning or very late evening just before sunset. Many people here in our metroplex walk in the air conditioned malls for exercise. Just don’t be tempted to stop and shop in the stores as you walk by.


Gardening - Many people love to garden. Some have window box herb gardens, or outside container gardens of flowers or produce when space is limited. I have been told it’s a relaxing work that is enjoyable.

Cooking and Baking - To save money, we should think about eating out less and cooking at home more. There are many websites that display excellent recipes and pictures of the finished product. Also, collecting these online recipes and making your own recipe book is a fabulous hobby.

Photography - This can be inexpensive if you already have your own camera. It doesn’t have to have every bell and whistle to be a good camera. Reading articles on picture taking will be well worth your while. Taking pictures of your family’s everyday summer fun, a local scenic drive, even a bird in your backyard or tree can be a good picture. Instead of having your pictures printed, you can display them on one of the many free websites for pictures such as Shutterfly, Snapfish, etc. which offer free and unlimited photo sharing.

Scrapbooking - Others get their photos printed and have made a hobby of scrapbooking. There are many websites and books to show you how to do it. A word of caution is needed here. You must be disciplined when engaging in this hobby because you can invest a lot of money in it if you are not careful.


Reading - It may seem old-fashioned, but you can still read a book by going to the public library. Reading can be absolutely free or very inexpensive and provides hours of endless enjoyment. You have the added benefit of increasing your knowledge or escaping from the realities of everyday life.

Word games - These are fun and build your vocabulary. Try playing Scrabble or similar word games. They can be played on a board purchased at the store or played free online at websites such as MSN Games, Pogo, HP Games, etc. You can play against the computer or with actual players online.

Writing - This is a great way to pass the time and be beneficial. You can share your thoughts online at free sites such as blogspot.com, wordpress.org and others. They offer free resources and tutorials to get you writing quickly. You don’t have to know any coding to have your own blog.

I personally engage in photography, reading, playing word games, and writing. I also craft for fun and money. Sewing has always been my love and regained specialty. All of this keeps my leisure time busy, which is enjoyable and fulfilling for me.

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