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Friday, April 15, 2011

Smart Tips for Better Sleep

It’s a fact of life that most of us do not get enough sleep. Most adults need about seven or eight hours of sleep each night. Here are some tips for having better sleep:

Create sleepy mood. Avoid bright lights and loud noise in the home a few hours before bedtime. Make sure the room temperature is not too warm.
Have a routine. Try to have generally the same bedtime and awakening time daily.
Relax. Have a few hours of quiet time before bed. Do some reading, listen to soft, soothing music, or take a warm bath.
Exercise early in the day and definitely not within three to six hours before bedtime. Staying active during the day can lower stress, enhance relaxation, thereby promoting better sleep.
Do not work in your bedroom. Your bedroom should not be your office! This room should be thought of as your sleep area, not your work area.
Prescription sleep aids can help in promoting sleep depending on your physicians recommendations. However, be aware that some of these can become habit-forming so openly discuss the side-effects with your doctor.

These are basic tips that will help you have better sleep and be more productive when you are awake.

How not to sleep:

A peaceful setting for sleep:

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