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Monday, May 16, 2011

Get Rid of That Annoying Junk Email!

If you use e-mail, you will get spam (junk email). None of us want this spam clogging up our important email messaging inbox. I have read recent information on how to reduce this annoying spam and found some tips that are very useful. Be aware that spammers constantly change tactics, so it will be difficult to get rid of all of your junk email, but there are ways to reduce it.

The main way is to not respond. Do not try to get back at them by sending them an angry email in response. Although it may make you feel good that you have “gotten back” at them, this only lets them know that they have an active address, resulting in more spam to you. Interestingly, you may be savvy enough to not be conned into giving them money, but they can still get the upper hand by selling lists of live email addresses, including yours, to others.

Blocking spammers’ individual email addresses is futile because most spammers only use them once. It is best to block their domain. You will need to read your individual email provider’s instructions for doing this.

Do not reveal your email address publicly. Listing it in online comments, blogs, and other places is a bad idea. Your email address can then become a solicitor's paradise. Also beware of chain letters and other email actions that give away your email address to strangers.

Many spammers have software that can guess your email address and get spam to you anyway.  However, most email providers (such as yahoo) have spam detection and anti-spam software built in, which protects you from getting most spam delivered to your inbox.

If you are up to your eyeballs in spam and when all else fails, you may consider changing your email address. You would need to inform your friends, family, and business contacts. Obviously this is a last resort. Prior to doing this, I would suggest choosing a good internet security software for your computer which will block spam and update itself automatically with the newest antispam data.

All of these tips can be very helpful in getting rid of annoying junk email...only if you heed them!

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